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How to download from TikTok

This is the best TikTok video downloader online. How you can download from TikTok with our website depends on which device you’re using. If you are using TikTok on mobile, this is how you can download it from mobile. And, if you’re using a PC, the steps to download from a PC are given below too. Enjoy!

Download TikTok Videos from Mobile

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4th Step

Download TikTok Video from PC

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Download TikTok Videos from TIKTOK VIDEO DOWNLOADER with Mobile

To do that,

1. Get the link of the video you want to download. If you don’t know how to do that, follow the steps below.

  • Download the TikTok app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Login / Signup with your account.
  • Find the video you want to download.
  • Click on share.
  • Click on the copy link. That’s how you get the link to a TikTok video.

2. As you have the link, come back to our website or to this page.

3. Paste the link in the link box above this page.

4. Wait for sometimes.

5. After that, your video will be ready to download. Click on the download button beside the size and resolution and your video will start downloading.

Download TikTok Video from PC

To download a TikTok video from PC,

1 At first, you need to get the link of a video. To do that,

  • Go to
  • Login / Sign Up with your account.
  • Find the video you want to download.
  • Click on the video.
  • Click on the “Copy” button beside the social media share icons.
  • That’s it. You now have the link of the video.

2. Now, come back to our website or to this TikTok video downloader page.

3. Paste the link in the link box you see above this page.

4. After you paste the link, wait for sometimes.

5. After that, your video will be ready to download.

6. Click on the Download button beside the video size and resolution button and the video will start to download.

About TikTok

TikTok is a madly famous platform where people can upload short videos. People perform different actions, capture them in a short video and then upload that to TikTok. This platform is really a huge collection of people doing stuff. Millions of videos are uploaded everyday in this platform.

TikTok, formally known as is famous for creating, sharing and discovering short music video just like Kareoke of the digital age. The app was really famous among the young age as an way to express themselves through different actions like dancing, singing, lip-syncing, comedy and many more. The app was changed to TikTok with a complete new logo has all of the features that its previous versions had and as well as some new features. With this app, people can upload short videos and share them through the community.

People say that TikTok is the most popular, most interesting social media application available now. But, most avarage american still doesn’t use this application. As I said before, in this social media, people upload shorter videos of them doing different stuff. They can choose a audio clip from the TikTok database and lip-sync or do other stuff and make a video from the TikTok app. Yes, you won’t have to edit the video and then upload it to TikTok. You can directly make a video from the TikTok app. That’s why this app is so much famous.

You can also do a reply to someone’s TikTok video by making a duet. This way there will be a split screen and on one side, there will be your video and on the other side, there will be the other video.

TikTok’s History

There were a lot of lip-syncing app in the past and most of them were really popular. But, TikTok is not one of those. It is like the second version of the app This is an app that is identical to most major ways. was launched for the first time in 2014 by chinese entreprenuers Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. In 2017, a Beijing company called ByteDance aquired for approximately $1 Billion and this company already owned the famous app TikTok. In Augast of 2018, TikTok and merged together and all of the account was automatically transferred to TikTok. Though, the popularity of this app was huge, celebrities took a long time to get on this app.

With an aggressive YouTube ad campaign, this company even paid celebrities to get on this platform and create videos. Cardi B and offset also hosted a sponsored ‘wrap battle’ and awkwafina participated in it. And, FoodGod’s first video was also sponsored.

TikTok is also another app for normal people. Scrolling through this app will take you to avarage american people, mostly teenagers and you will see thousands of reactions and comments. One thing is that even the video of a new tiktok user reaches a lot to other tiktok viewers which is a really great thing in this world of video making and competetion. This is why people love tiktok so much.

When a video reaches the “For You” page of TikTok, a vide must get likes from 50,000 to 1 million. The NY Times really praised TikTok because of its clean ad-free news-free interface. And, The Verge defended it from different critics as the “Joyful, Spiritual successor of Vine.”

TikTok’s Competitors

Remember Vine?? Well, TikTok is similar to that with some new features available. And, as you know, it originates from a chinese company. In this app, users can upload maximum 15 seconds of video clips of themselves doing different activities. Some of the most common things in this app are lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic scenes. Filters, musics and animations are all a part of the app itself. And, like most other social media platforms, you can follow them which you like, like on their video and comment on their video.

You can even live straightly in this app and reposting the videos of this platform on other platforms is really easy. Most users of this app are 24 or under 24. The vibe on TikTok is really positive. On TikTok, it feels a bit cheerful, a bit ernest sometimes. Unlike twitter, tiktok is a bit less cynical.  But, I think that depends on people that are using this app. In 2018, chinese technology company BiteDance brought the app and in Augast 2018, it got rebranded as TikTok. For this reason, the download of TikTok doubled worldwide. In china, this app is known as Dǒuyīn and this app has monthly 400M active users.

That means three in every ten users are active every month. This platform is kind of an individual focused like broadcasting yourself to the world. In a different country, Instagram and twitter are really famous for making shorter videos and broadcasting it to the world. Well, TikTok lets you do that in a really professional way because it has all those cool animation tools. With these tools, even if you don’t have any kind of editing skills, it lets you make your videos half-way decent. Different memes like ‘Karma is a b!tch’ gone really viral in this app.

TikTok’s Popularity

At the first time of 2018, TikTok was the number 1 most downloaded app worldwide. Keeping other apps behind it like YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. And, this trend has been continuing ever since.

Globally, there are about 1 billion active monthly users from around 150 different countries around the world. Besides china, most of them come from the US. In past days, we’ve heard that Chinese developers go to different countries around the world, learn from those countries, bring those country products in china and make a new version of those apps, a newer better version. And, TikTok is a really interesting remake that made a huge concussion worldwide. Major celebrities participated in this app that made major amount of their fans use this app. Cringe videos as well as compilations of painful or embarrassing tiktok clips are also very famous in this app. These videos get millions of views.

People are getting really famous in this app. They are getting millions of fans on this app just by making 15 seconds videos. And, just like YouTube, a creator can be monetized on TikTok. On YouTube, you can run ads against your content and make a lot of money. On TikTok, there is a way to make money through Livestream. So, viewers can attach their credit card on TikTok, buy emojis and send them to their favorite streamers. And afterward, they can put it back into cash. This is the main and only way to make money on TikTok now. It is clearly working. The revenue of the app nearly tripled in the past few years. That is excluding the android devices.


This is the best TikTok video downloader online. I hope you liked everything. As again, be sure to check other pages of our page. Thank you!

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