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#NiceTweets with Tom Hanks | Twitter

#NiceTweets with Tom Hanks | Twitter

Hello, I’m Tom Hanks, and I’m going to peruse probably the most genial Tweets on the int

Bravo! That’s a nice thing to do. That’s a nice thing that guy did because who doesn’t love to read along with The Office. I’m going to start crying again because that’s beautiful by the way.

Whoever broke up with you is a dope. Oh, my Lord. Who doesn’t love cats? The picture of themselves as cats. Chips, huh? You named your cat Chips. Was there another one called Poker? Here’s a dog one. This is a Disney movie that must be made. The story of Bear, the koala detection dog.

That’s adorable. I like Bear. I wonder if Bear and Chips would get along. I think so. Um not necessarily. But you know, if he asks you for coffee to go along with the shwarma, give him that. He might be one of the classiest human beings on the planet earth. I’m Tom Hanks, and those have been just some of the most amicable Tweets on the internet.

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