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Any time I see Cash, his beard is perfect, his hair is perfect. Me I wake up, and I look crazy, ok? (Laughs) It’s a problem. You can have the best makeup, the best outfit, but nothing’s right if your hair isn’t right.

Hair is incredibly valuable. Being confident with your hair daily, I think, is an exciting thing. Mane Addict’s creator collective aims to inspire and educate the community on all things hair. Pinterest has been a super, powerful tool.

It’s just about sharing. And then if people find it inspirational, that’s awesome. Everyone’s hair is different, and it’s an art form. There are various techniques for every single hair type. Identifying what you have and then using the right products will make anyone’s life so much easier.

Correctly identifying your hair texture is going to allow you to get the results you want. When you look at a chart, you can see visually hey, that’s my texture. I’m a 2a, on the straighter end of the wavy spectrum. Fine hair texture is very uncooperative and disobedient.

This is full of buildup. We can use clarifying shampoos to reset your texture and get the most out of your next style. My curly girls, moisture escapes this hair very quickly. Frizz is attributed to the lack of water in the hair.

I’m using a microfiber towel. When you scrunch it into the hair, it’ll absorb some moisture but not leave it frizzy. Being able to style your hair on your own helps you become confident in whatever hair texture you have.

You know, you’re not trying to fight with your hair. Handle it with care and be nice to it. If you’re nice to your hair, it’ll be nice back.

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