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Download From Likee

Download from Likee is fairly easy on both mobile and computer. Let’s know how you can download videos form these devices.

Download From Likee with a mobile

To download a Likee video from mobile,

1. Get the link of the Likee video you want to download.

  • Open the likee app.
  • Sign Up / Login with your Vimeo account.
  • Find the video you would like to download.
  • Click on share.
  • Click on the copy link button. This way, the link to the video will be copied.

2. Now, come back to our website or this page.

3. Paste the link in the link box above this page.

4. Wait for sometimes.

5. After that, your video will be ready to be downloaded.

6. Now just choose the resolution you want and click on the download button beside that to download the video.

Download from Likee with a Computer

To download a Vimeo video with a computer,

1. Go to

2. Sign Up / Login with your account.

3. After that, find the video you want to download.

4. Copy the link of the video. To do that,

  • Open the likee video.
  • After that, you will see the video link in the address bar of the browser.
  • Then copy the link and that’s it. You now have the video link.

5. Now, as you have the link of the video, come back to our website.

6. Paste the video link in the link box above this page.

7. After you have paste the link, wait for sometimes and let the video get prepared for download.

8. After it is done, choose the resolution that you want to download the video in. Click on the download button beside the resolution and it will start to download.